We’ve all been there: You’re three hours deep into a Netflix marathon and before you know it, you doze off, with your makeup still on. Or maybe you’re just too tired to do your full-blown skin care routine before hitting the sheets. In both scenarios, your skin pays the price, but don’t fret—there are shortcuts you can take that won’t shortchange your skin. Here’s our cheat sheet to minimal-effort skin care.

I’m Too Lazy to Wash My Face

Keep gentle cleansing cloths on your nightstand and in your travel bag. When you’re too tired to do your normal facewash routine, cleansing cloths pinch-hit to remove pore-clogging debris, oil, and makeup. The quick 30 seconds it takes can make all the difference for your skin.

You’ve already fallen asleep with your makeup on? Here’s what you can do to help your skin bounce back the very next morning.

I’m Too Tired to Use My Toner, Moisturizer, or Anti-Aging Treatments

A skin-beneficial spritz might just be your new BFF. For those nights when you just don’t have the energy to apply all of your special treatments, give skin a refreshing spray of antioxidant-rich moisture. Keep a bottle on your bedside table so it’s just an arm’s reach away as you snuggle under the covers.

My Dull Skin Needs an Instant Pick-Me-Up

We’re all about long-term benefits when it comes to skin care, but sometimes you need to see immediate results for extra motivation. Opt for a treatment that delivers an instant glow combined with proven ingredients that brighten skin over time. Follow with an SPF-rated product during the day to preserve that healthy glow.

Masking Takes Too Much Time

Trade in a time-consuming rinse-off mask for the kind that you apply and forget about as you drift off into your zzz’s. Essentially, any well-formulated moisturizing mask can be turned into an overnight “sleep mask” for maximum hydration, sans the time crunch.

I’ve Neglected My Blemish-Prone Skin

Every lazy girl and guy needs to keep this secret weapon of 9% salicylic acid in their beauty arsenal. It’s your go-to solution for stubborn imperfections that pop up when you haven’t been so good about taking care of your skin.

Applying Sunscreen Feels Like a Chore

Sun protection is one thing you should never be lazy about! Choose a sunscreen that multitasks so you’ll be more likely to use it. Have oily skin? Try a tinted, matte formula to even out skin tone and minimize shine at the same time. On the drier side? Get your daily dose of hydration, anti-aging ingredients, and sun protection all in one.