Truth time: Anti-aging skincare for men isn’t much different from anti-aging skincare for women. The same types of ingredients will improve a guy’s skin while working with his shaving routine. But men are at a bit of a disadvantage, simply because most men’s skincare products are terribly formulated, often full of drying and irritating ingredients. That’s why Paula’s Choice Skincare developed our exclusive PC4Men collection, following the same research-based approach we take when developing every one of our skincare products.

The Basics:

An anti-aging skincare routine for men can be quick and simple: gentle cleansing, exfoliating with a leave-on product (not an abrasive scrub, as these are almost always too rough on skin), daytime sun protection, and nighttime hydration. The best products are always non-irritating, fragrance-free, and should include anti-aging ingredients that work to restore and replenish skin. Our PC4MEN kit has everything you need to get started:

These five products will get you well on your way to firmer, more even-toned, younger-looking skin.

Anti-Aging Skincare for Men—Beyond the Basics:

If you’ve already got a handle on cleansing, exfoliating, sun protection, and moisturizing, you’re ready to move up a level with one (or more) of our targeted anti-aging products for men. These are the game-changers for specific skin concerns, and can easily be worked in to your basic routine.

Serums deliver a concentrated cocktail of anti-aging ingredients, and Paula’s Choice offers several formulas, based on skin type and concerns. Not sure where to start? Most men will love the weightless feel of our wrinkle-fighting RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. Apply it either during the day or at night, just before moisturizing.

Anti-Aging Boosters

Paula’s Choice Skincare offers several anti-aging boosters for men—each with its own standout feature that lets you fine-tune your routine. Apply boosters after or in place of your serum, then follow with moisturizer if needed.

Not sure how to put it all together? Reach out to our Client Services team; they’re ready to help you design the perfect routine for your specific skincare needs.

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